The beautifully renovated lobby of the Paramus, New Jersey, Public Library features a welcome in twelve languages. That's me at the BooksNJ 2017 Festival.

Here's a review by a Children's Librarian of a recent event:
"We recently had David Cundy, the author of Animals Spell Love here to do a program for us. It was a really lovely experience for everyone.... His manner with the audience was easy, engaging and his information was just right for our mixture of ages from 5 to 12 year olds and their family members.... David was easy to work with and very professional, and he is honestly interested in spreading the message of love and peace rather than making money for his work.... He is working on a book about animals spelling peace now, and when that is done we will definitely have him back."
For Collection Development and Children's Librarians
According to the US Census Bureau, Americans speak 382 languages at home. In many American communities today, over one hundred languages are often spoken. For example, a Seattle Public School website says that, "Collectively, our ELL students contribute 108 languages to the total of 143 spoken by families across the district and add a linguistically diverse and multi-cultural richness to our growing district-wide student population."
As a Collection Development or Children's Librarian, you have your own, firsthand experience with your community's linguistic diversity. And you know the importance of supporting your community's language learning needs.
Animals Spell Love (David R. Godine, Boston; reviews here) is an innovative word-picture book that teaches kids how to say "I love you" in sixteen languages (including Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and American Sign Language). Animals Spell Love:
  • celebrates tolerance and diversity,
  • fosters language learning, and
  • teaches kids to be kind to each other.
At a time when messages of mutual respect and kindness are more vital than ever, every public and elementary school library should have Animals Spell Love in its collection.
I hope you'll join the growing list of librarians across America – in such cities as Baltimore, Dayton, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City (MO), Los Angeles, Madison (WI), Nashville, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, St. Louis and Ypsilanti – who have acquired Animals Spell Love for their collections. (You'll find ordering information here.)
And I'd love to do a kid's activity event at your library. Animals Spell Love events are perfect for communities with diverse populations, and kids love creating their own word pictures. To learn more, see the Events page here.
Thank you for your interest in Animals Spell Love, and for everything you are doing to educate and inspire America's children.
All Best,