My message is the still revolutionary idea that,
to paraphrase the Beatles, "all we need is love."

– Interview,

Animals Spell Love represents the coalescence of a life's worth of accumulated interests, skills and knowledge. I've loved language, letters and literature all my life. My linguistic explorations – which have included French, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Spanish, my career in the graphic and typographic arts, and my experience as an educator have all contributed to the content, imagery and design of Animals Spell Love.
Perhaps most important, Animals Spell Love reflects my life philosophy, a mature worldview formed over a lifetime. That is this: We owe it to ourselves to make each other's lives better, and the world a better place. Animals Spell Love exhorts children and adults to reflect and act accordingly – as only a book can do.
That's working. Kids are loving Animals Spell Love, proving that it's accessible, validating and inspirational. In bookstore, library and classroom events, they're proudly informing me – and each other – of their diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. It's heartwarming and humbling to witness.
To learn more, you can visit my author's pages at the David R. Godine (my publisher's) website here, and at the Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises (my agent Mary Cummings's) website here. You'll find my professional biography here.
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