Portraits Now Available! Collect All 40!
You can purchase your favorite Inappropriate Anagrams fine art collage portrait here -- the perfect gift for anyone who can use some levity in her or his life. The portraits look especially great mounted in "windowpane" sets of four, or in pairs.
Specifications: Portraits are high-resolution, 4.25 x 4.25 inches, printed on 5 x 7 inch sheets of high gloss photo paper. The subject's anagrammatic name and actual name are placed below the portrait so that viewers will understand the imagery (see Mister Rogers on the Portraits page of this site at this link). Portraits are ideally framed using a matte with a 4.5 x 4.5 inch opening, such as Ikea's dark brown ($9.99) or birch ($9.99) HOVSTA frame (not provided).
How to Order: Inappropriate Anagrams fine art collage portraits are $9.95; Connecticut residents add $.63 sales tax. FREE Shipping is included. To order, just select a Paypal "Add to Cart" button below. (Of course, the word SAMPLE will be removed.) Allow 5 days for delivery.
To obtain a limited edition signed portrait, please contact the author at this link.

Hula Moan Epee (Pele Honua Mea / Madame Pele)
Cat Parole (Cleopatra)
Chi Heirs Kiss Pins (Princess Shikishi)
Thou a Zany Cello (Nezahualcoyotl)

So Animal (Mona Lisa)
Hen Has Abs, Sir Ump! (Missus Aphra Behn)
Go! Gag the Elf – NOW! (Wolfgang Goethe)
My Eery Halls (Mary Shelley)

Ahoy! A Thunder Diver (Henry David Thoreau)
Narwhals Cried (Charles Darwin)
Lilting Bust (Sitting Bull)
Dreamt Hat (Mad Hatter)

Oh! Satan's Bunny (Susan B. Anthony)
Ms. Eel, Uncle Sam! (Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain)
Stay, Cast Arm! (Mary Cassatt)
Me Radium Ace (Madame Curie)

Guru's Mind Fed (Sigmund Freud)
Bat Riot Expert (Beatrix Potter)
Tiger Dentures (Gertrude Stein)
Had Ark Foil (Frida Kahlo)

Elite Bannister (Albert Einstein)
Doll Naïf Ran Rinks (Rosalind Franklin)
Yield! I LOB Hail! (Billie Holiday)
Nurse Pam (George Reeves / Superman)

More Marlin Yon (Marilyn Monroe)
Her Carols CAN! (Rachel Carson)
Daily Newts: Tilde Yawns (Walt Disney)
I Ink Mr. Angel's Truth ([Rev. Dr.] Martin Luther King [Jr.])

Mud-Clear Champ (Marcel Duchamp)
Marquee Day Noun (Raymond Queneau)
Merry in Hell (Henry Miller)
A-Bomb Lyre (Bob Marley)

Sir Oboes Juggler (Jorge Luis Borges)
Ah, Lord Yawn! (Andy Warhol)
He's Rodeo Legit (Theodore Geisel / Dr. Seuss)
Sir Gem Resort (Mister Rogers)

Magnet Rains (Agnes Martin)
Mad Hula Imam (Muhammad Ali)
Born Maze Trimmer (Robert Zimmerman / Bob Dylan)
Any Mail? (Maya Lin)