Advance Praise for Inappropriate Anagrams
There are more inappropriate anagrams in heaven and earth, bro, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. As in a Permanent, Firm Headlock. 'Twould've been nobler of you to include me, rather than that tediously appropriate featherbrain Dreamt Hat, the Mad Hatter.
– Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
As deputies of the Anagram Police, we regret to inform you that you are in violation of the Anagram Convention, and we hereby demand that you use only appropriate anagrams. We appropriately had to Evade a Damn, unlike that loser Charles Darwin. Narwhals Cried? Boo hoo. And while we're on the subject: We are the "Origin of Species."
– Adam and Eve
It was entirely inappropriate of you to exclude us from your book. That you would admit No Comic, Amoral Brethren was unforgivable, especially since you included that ne'er-do-well, Henry Miller. He's appropriately Merry in Hell, so how did he get in?
– (The) Mormon Tabernacle Choir
How dare you leave me out? What could be more inappropriate than Ex-Nuns Try Auroras? And Gertrude Stein's tiny Tiger Dentures will never match my pearlies.
– Tyrannosaurus Rex
Who needs your random, wacky word strings? My Wet, Wick-Fed Shoe Twitch and Dorothy and Toto's Tornado Doth Toy are way wickeder. Apropos to that Goody-Two-Shoes Mister Rogers: I'll put him to sleep with some Terriers' Smog.
– (The) Wicked Witch of the West
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