I hope you will enjoy the poetic narratives, anagrammatic zaniness and singular artwork in this premiere collection of Inappropriate Anagrams.  
   Guilford, Connecticut, November 2018

From the Author
Welcome to the delightful linguistic and psychological parallel universe of inappropriate anagrams. Conventional anagrams, which pertinently describe their subjects, are no match for inappropriate ones, which stimulate our subconscious imaginations by surprising us with witty, unexpected connections. Inappropriate anagrams make magic out of words: they transform meaning, constructively rewarding our innate, shared appetite for the novel, and our universal attraction to games of chance. They are endlessly entertaining – humorous, nonsensical, dreamlike, and even a bit psychedelic.
The Poems
Inappropriate Anagrams comprises forty anagram-inflected biographical poems, which I call "shenanagrams." The shenanagram is a new form of literary art – one that recognizes a heretofore unappreciated type of anagram and permits its use as legitimate expression, while paying homage to literary and wordplay precedents. You can read more about the poems at this link.
The Portraits
While inappropriate anagram scenarios are amusing to imagine, seeing them in works of art is transformative: they become (almost) believable! To bring subjects' anagrammatic alter egos to life, I created collage portraits using inappropriate anagrams selected from the poems. You can read about the portraits at this link.