Anagrams – the shuffling of letters in words or phrases to create new ones – come in two flavors. Conventional anagrams, relevant quips that pertinently describe their subjects, are no match for inappropriate ones, which stimulate our imaginations by surprising us with witty, unexpected connections. Inappropriate anagrams are endlessly entertaining – humorous, nonsensical, dreamlike, and even a bit psychedelic. They jog our brains and make us laugh.
Poetic biographies of forty world-famous luminaries – including Cleopatra, Mona Lisa, Mary Shelley, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein and Superman are constructed using inappropriate anagrams in this light-hearted premiere collection of "shenanagrams" (a new form of poem analogous to limericks). Readers will marvel at the sounds, silliness and shenanigans of literally hundreds of anagrams.
The poetry in Inappropriate Anagrams is playfully complemented by the author's sharp, laugh-out-loud anagram collage portraits, which bring the subjects' secret alter egos to life. Whether depicting Tiger Dentures or a Bat Riot Expert, Inappropriate Anagrams will brighten every reader's day.
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PREVIEW Inappropriate Anagrams     ISBN: 978-0-9886808-5-2