A Note from the Author
At this time of sheltering in place and social distancing, there's nothing better than a good book to keep your spirits up. I promise that both Inappropriate Anagrams and More Inappropriate Anagrams will help see you through. They've been described as "exquisite" and "clever," with "fantastic" illustrations. So if you love word games, sophisticated humor, and laugh-out-loud illustrations, this pair of books will brighten your days.
Take care and be safe, Wild Cave Redundancy (David Lawrence Cundy)
* * *
In More Inappropriate Anagrams, over five hundred easy-to-find, boldface anagrams in forty tongue-twisting "shenanagram" poems will surprise and delight the reader. Like its predecessor, Inappropriate Anagrams, this entirely new collection profiles renowned cultural and historical personas. Venus de Milo, Lady Macbeth, Langston Hughes, Greta Garbo, Neil Armstrong and Stephen Hawking are among those celebrated.
The secret alter egos of the featured luminaries are brought to life by the author's sharp, light-hearted, laugh-out-loud anagram collage portraits. Whether visualizing Dame Great Arm or a Wiser Wombat Ranger, More Inappropriate Anagrams will brighten every reader's day.
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More Inappropriate Anagrams     ISBN: 978-0-9886808-6-9